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Public Space

Concept Garden
Public Space

Bernie Spain Gardens - London
Olympic Legacy

When I think of the Olympics or look at posters advertising the event I always see a picture of the human body.  The human body representing the Olympics is always powerful – to the extreme: the facial expressions, the muscle movements, the speed the determination, the sweat and the tears.

‘Run the Race – Channel the Energy’

The energy I took from a piece of art that was inspired by the Kundalini lines which are described as a sleeping, dormant potential force in the human organism.  The energy lines travel from ground up through the body, intensifying at the points (chakra’s) where the conflicts of the soul and body meet

The Design

Passing people will be draw into my garden by the energy and will have access from many different points in the surrounding area / streets.  This park is to bring people together in a beautiful space, which has many different energy spots.  The meadows echo the movement of the Thames, the mown lawn and the planting areas represent the explosion of energy as the Kundalini line travels through the garden.