A garden of sentiments

Benenden | Kent

A project of deep sentiments. The client was downsizing from a substantial property with a garden designed by his late wife. For this design it was therefore paramount, to incorporate elements of that much loved space into the new garden.

Roses were key. There are four main rose beds in pale yellow, pink, white and red. Selected roses include; ‘Malvern Hills’, ‘Vanessa Bell’, ‘Comte de Chambord’, ‘Constance Spry’, ‘Winchester Cathedral’, ‘Desdemona’ and for that vibrant red shade; ‘Lady of Megginch’ and ‘Charles de Mills’.  Vibrant perennials, rich in colour were planted throughout for both balance and texture. Key plants for the garden include; Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, Penstemon ‘Raven’,  Euphorbia x martini and Hebe rakaiensis.